10th November 2010

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Hi Dears,

I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about meeting up for tarot readings. Well I am planning one in the future. Possibly in the month of December. I am trying desperately to find a location; A nice cafe of some sort to do tarot readings with. Thiswould allow, the cost of meet up readings to go down considerably. 

If not the usual cost would be

Specially requested meet-up

$200/per hour

Arranged meet-up by me

$75/per hour

But if it is special event meet up, I would only require $50/ per person.

The order of when you should arrive would be decided by drawing lots.

Each person is to prepare a list of 3 questions to ask me.

I will further update, if I am able to find that location. If any of you do have a location as such, it would be nice to email me their contact.

Thank You

Baroque Renaissance Tarot

25th September 2010

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I will only be avaliable for phone readings on weekends.

There will be no more email readings.

Those who are on my waiting list, please email me now to reconfirm your place.

If I receive no email by Oct 1 2010, I will take off your place

18th August 2010

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Regarding Emails

Hi dears,

Sorry for the late replies, for some reason my some of my emails are diverting to junk mail! And also that I am terribly busy. I am not taking in any requests yet, I still have alot of readings to clear.

Am feeling really terrible as well, I think that I’ve offended some of your by not replying your emails efficiently. Sorry! I will try to reply all emails within 2 days!

Thank You!

10th August 2010


Thank You For Your Support

Dear Seekers,

I regret to inform you all that all 20 spots

for my waiting list has been taken up.

Therefore I will not be taking up any more readings till everything is done up.

I will not be taking in anymore reading from 8/10/2010 until further notice,

please take note of this blog to check when I am available again.

I will update every two weeks :)

Thank You

1st August 2010


Hi dears,

I do not do this full time, so please bear with me if your email is replied really late!
I really do not mean to delay or push back your reading, but I am a person that if the reading
I completed, doesn’t ‘feel’ right. I would redo it…I would want your reading to be absolutely insightful and accurate.

So for those who leave me to do my thing. I really appreciate it.
For those concerned seekers who spam my mailbox, I love you too!

But its just that I would prefer if you didn’t,
as it is really making my work slower
if I have to keep on replying your emails.

Everything would be fine.

Trust me

28th July 2010

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Hi darlings

The slots have been taken up!

And due to the reading influx, I will take up to 3 weeks to process your readings so please take note.

I will have the waiting list up again. I’m awfully sorry about this but I am an one man show.. Maybe it is time to… bring in another partner?I don’t know, give me any suggestions to improve on this?

Email me at


24th July 2010


I’m Back

I’m back!

But bringing with me a new promo!

I will be available for face to face readings on 31/02/2010

I have 2 slots avaliable.

Reading will be done at a cafe in the east.

Prices will depend on your question as I will prepare beforehand the spread

Please email


for more information

12th July 2010



Dear Seekers,

I will be away from the 19th - 23rd of July, will not be available for that week. But don’t worry just send me an email at baroque.renaissance.tarot@live.com , all emails will be replied once I get back.

Another issue, YES I am swamped with readings again! Those who ask for readings after the 13 of July will be put on a waiting list.

Thank You

Baroque Renaissance Tarot

6th July 2010


Monthly Promotion Of July 2010

Free 10 Minute Phone Call after email tarot reading is done!

* only for 3 card reading and above

Please contact baroque.renaissance.tarot@live.com

for further enquiries!

4th July 2010


Phone reading rates

Charges for phone reading
One card reading - $11
Three card reading - $29
Each card following - $10



for further enquiries